A little ‘about’ me.

My name if you have not guessed is Lawrie Richardson. I am a multi-award winning photographer originally from Cornwall but as of 2010, I have been living in Plymouth here in Devon.

Many years back when I were living in Penzance I was a regular contributor to my then local newspaper The Cornishman, additionally back before moving in 2010 I was one of two photographers based at Cornish World Magazine (Now MyCornwall.Tv).

I grew up knowing three photographers who are sadly no longer with us, those kind well gifted souls are. Jacob Cockle, Fred Charles Weeks and Mercedes Curnow. (RIP). xXx

Depending on my mood and often the great British weather, I am often out and about with my camera, some of my best photographs can be found here on this website and also at the links below.

Great Atlantic Prints
Cornish Connect Photo & Design

I am an only child, my parents are close to retiring age and live in North Devon, me, I live in the Mount Gould area of Plymouth with Hannah my wife and our two adorable bunny rabbits.

Myself and Hannah both attend Mount Gould Methodist Church, our faith is what brought us together. My Mum and Hannahs Dad are both Church Ministers.

Health wise, I have had depression since aged 13 and I have been Type one diabetic since July 2001. At the time of writing this – Im currently having issues with both my mental and physical health but im sure in time things will improve again.