Apple iPhone 13, Nightscape Photography – Does it suck?

Apple iPhone 13, Nightscape Photography – Does it suck?

Yep it sucks in a way, the low light performance of any camera shooting in JPEG handheld at night will struggle, especially a camera built into a smartphone like the Apple iPhone 13 and earlier models and whilst there are accessories available out there to make life easier for you, you can’t rely on a smartphone for true photography, especially at night. – Regardless of what people might say. if I was serious on this occasion, I should have just carried a small tripod with me and my point and shoot camera, taken the photos I wanted, edited and then uploaded to social media / my website. I couldn’t I was running down the street to catch a bus home.

The stairs, inside image using the Apple iPhone 13

So why does it suck? there’s because of a tiny sensor found inside a smartphone and whilst you won’t notice much of a difference in the daytime, you certainly will when editing or enlarging your image. Most dedicated digital cameras have a sensor that is one of two sizes, – APS-C and Full Frame (35mm) – Both are great when used at low light although the full frame camera sensor will have better dynamic range, both cameras will be better as they also shoot in RAW (basically a digital negative file), which makes post processing better, opposed to shooting in JPEG, – JPEG is a compressed format, sadly which is found on all smartphones.

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