Banana Print Review

Banana Print Review

After my wife bought her business cards from Banana Print, I pondered about ordering some greetings cards from them too, the prices were very good, the greeting cards, all 200 of them came the next working day, although the descriptions of where each place was, was printed onto the wrong cards, ie Cot Valley dronescape was Exeter Quay and visa versa. – After a quick chat to Banana Print they sorted the issue out and delivered the correct cards the next working day, they even let me keep the old cards as well – nice one. – Also the greetings cards I had ordered came supplied with free envelopes, all that was needed was some cellophane wrappers and some customers.

Now the colours are a little off on some of the card designs, but thats likely down to user error – my screen, regadless peple are buying them and loving them, thats the main thing.

In all honesty I still use Banana Print and I highly recommend them.

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