Charity Shops are becoming Savvy heres why

I am a reseller

Every now and then I make a few extra quid here and there by simply reselling products that I pick up from the Charity shops and such like places.

In a world where everything costs more, should this apply to donated items in a charity shop?

Recently tho a lot of the charity shops that I have been to are becoming very savvy when it comes to pricing their donated goods, at the end of the day we are all trying to make ends meat (a British saying meaning to get by in this world and live as comfortably as possible).

One day £10, the next £40

Just for example, this classic old Canon Canonet Camera my mum picked me up for Christmas in the Charity shop, I think she paid £10 for it, when she went back the next time they were asking £40 for the same style camera. This isnt bad unless your like me and a lot of others who are looking to make a quick buck (make money on the products bought). If I were to sell i’d be asking £69 assuming it worked. – for an old camera to be tested as working perfefcly this would mean for me to check the mechanical workings as best I can without buying film. – Checking for dust, moisture, mould etc – Now would someone from a charity shop have all the expert knowledge for every single donated item I wonder, I doubt it, so asking a sensible £10 would make this more appealing to people like me.

Business is business tho.

Know your market

On Etsy they always have some nice bits and pieces that are retro / vintage, recently I found an old 1970’s flask in the charity shop, I checked it over and on the inside ‘yuck’ I wouldnt be able to give it away let alone ask anyone to pay for it but still because it had its original box and tag they were asking £12.

Ways to be one step ahead.

  • Know your market
  • Know the resale value aka price to ask in your listing including any listing fees etc
  • Check the condition of the item before splashing the cash

So yes charity shops are becoming more savvy, not that they know what they are doing.

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