After all the paramedics and ambulances we have had out since July and now into 2024, this new year, and after getting to know a few of the medics – I asked many of them the exact same question.

The response was always the same, the answer was ‘No’ this is not what we signed up for.

Sometimes a lot of the typical ambulance’s crew time is wasted waiting to go into the ED / A+E – when the medics signed up for their role in looking after the community they never thought it would be like the way it is now, so much waiting and not as much time out on the roads looking after those that are seriously ill, those poor people who need to go to the hospital for emergency care.

I met with a few paramedics who say they are leaving their active job and moving onto new careers as they were not happy and they felt they were letting the poorly people down.

Tonight at the hospital there were ambulances everywhere waiting to get into Derriford, I counted between 30 – 40 stationary ambulances just sitting there. Something my wife has often said that makes a whole lot of sense, is all them empty buildings in the City Centre, they would make a great alternative to the ED / A+E, simply open one of the old buildings up, perhaps one of the former department stores and make them into a temp hospital, this would mean the ambulances would be out on the roads instead of sitting at the hospital waiting for something to happen.

Plymouth from above

Its a sad way for things to be, everyone hopes things will get better as do we, but sadly I don’t think will change anytime soon.

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