The Epson Eco Tank 7700 A3 Photo Printer

Epson Eco Tank System, Save Money on Printing

We have one good printer, its so good in fact that it does not require ink cartridges, nope, instead the printer has ink tanks meaning when the ink gets low for one colour you simply open the cap and pour new ink inside the ink chambers.

Currently we have the Epson EcoTank 7700, which at the time was and still is an expensive printer, but you get what you pay for, and even know the price of this printer could also buy you a secondhand car or landrover for us and our business its a real money saver.

We print card stock, photographs up to A3, photo copies, standard printing and more, additionally this printer has a separate tray for dedicated photo paper, we tend to have 6×4″ or 7×5″ paper installed ready for this purpose, prints are printed in less than a minute when we print small prints – 6×4″ / 7×5″

The only other way of printing would be for us to buy a cheaper all in one printer from somewhere locally or online and pay something like £29.99 for the machine and then £49.99 every time ink is required.

Not with the Epson Eco Tank system. We also save more when we shop at Currys as we are business customers too, – are you not one also, please go in and speak to them, they are so easy to work with and when you do if there’s an offer on they might offer you more discounts.

Additionally with this printer when something goes wrong most things can be fixed from home with basic tools and skills, especially when ink decides to run down the side of the prints. – Want to know more? Please ask us. More technical faults and Epson UK are by your side to offer help and support via email / phone and if you ever want to upgrade your printer 99% of the time Epson will buy your old printer, working or not off you, heck they even collect for free, what more could you wish for.

Do you need some advice regarding the Epson Eco Tank printing system? If so please be sure to send us an email message.

What printer do you use and why ?

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