Etsy Down or Got Site Issues?

Etsy won’t tell you if there are issues on their website, it takes a little bit of digging around to see if there is an issue or not.

On this page I will share with you, how I personally find out if Etsy and its buyers / sellers are encountering issues.

Of course if you have consistant sales and then suddenly none, you start to wonder why, I mean its not like you can easily contact Etsy customer support for help is it ?

So how do we investigate without this getting complicated?

My first port of call is Down Detector (Link)

Simply scroll down the page and see if anyone has recently commented, also check the outage percentage.

After looking on Down Detector I then check EtsyStatus

This checks on their servers to see if there is any issue, at the time of writing this the last issue was logged on the 1st of March, to see the current status – Click Here

Lastly I check the official Etsy support forums whilst logged out of Etsy (Thats just my preference).

To take a look for yourself, simply click here.

Taking into account using the information combined from all these three websites this gives me a small idea if there is something going on at Etsy thats out of my control, ie my listings and account are fine, its Etsy themselves and something going on there.

*Note – the reason I search the Etsy support forums when logged out is because if im logged in and people click for the link on my shop I get click through bills and personally the fees are already high enough as they are.

I really hope this has helped you, if it has please be sure to leave a comment and also a share on social media – Thanks

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