February 2023 - There's A Real Nasty Cold Going Around At The Moment

February 2023 – There’s A Real Nasty Cold Going Around At The Moment

Are you feeling under the weather? Not sure if its a cold, the flu or Coronavirus?

There is a really awful cold doing the rounds at the moment,  i had it myself two weeks back and I felt dreadful, I couldn’t even do my work – Now our dear friend has it and my own partner she went down-hill and has been laid up in the bed just six hours after meeting a friend who has similar symptoms.

So what are the symptoms of this new cold ?

  • Normal cold symptons: cough, cold, sore throat, blocked nose etc
  • Pain to the right side of the head, between the cheek bone and ear
  • Cluster headache
  • Generally feeling very poorly and feeling the best thing to do is to stay tucked up under the duvet
  • Feeling hot and cold, possible temperature too

Does that sound familiar to what you have ?

It will get worse before it gets better (spoiler alert)

Sadly this weird unknown cold does take its toll on the body, you can expect the worse days to last between three and five days, the cough tho that will linger sadly for a while.

Only once in my life I had the flu bug, and from what I remember from having that as a child and what I had two weeks a go, its all very similar, although as a child everything seemed far worse and scary.

Lets Get You Feeling Better

You’d best call in work, please don’t drive when you’re feeling like this neither, the only way I felt better was to stay at home in the same temperature for a couple of days.

I sincerely hope you start to feel better soon, please be sure to comment on this post and also share on social media as iI am confident this information will help others too.

Stay safe, stay well.

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