How To Do Etsy SEO for FREE
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How To Do Etsy SEO for FREE

Before you go out looking for a website or a programme to help your Etsy SEO on today’s post I will tell you how we made our sales throughout 2022, without any additional software or websites.

Type in what you are thinking

Go to and type in what you are thinking, do a Etsy search and see what comes up, then you know what other potential buyers are looking for, so lets take one of our products – Brixham Harbour Greetings Card. (Yep its a real product that we have in one of our stores).

When you use the words Brixham you are narrowing down the search area, by adding the words Greetings Cards you can then see how many or if anyone else is selling similar items, if theres a few then you have low competition.

If I suddenly see a spike in products for Brixham, I know you have read my blog lol.

Now we need to consider keywords for your listing

What in this case can relate as keywords for Brixham Harbour Greetings Card?

Brixham, Brixham Harbour, Brixham Harbor, Brixham Devon, Nightscape, Seascape, Greetings Cards and so on, then you can get fancy and combine one or two keywords together, use them in your product title too.

So there are two FREE methods that we have used to generate product sales on

We hope this has helped you somewhat, if you are looking for someone to optimise your Etsy listings for you, you are welcome to contact me over on my main website, a business site.


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How To Do Etsy SEO for FREE
How To Do Etsy SEO for FREE

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