So this week I did something that could had meant I would not be here writing this post or certainly not have the ability to write this thats for sure, anyway I was in the hospital for two nights and I had to see Psych and I was not allowed to leave the ward, so its mental health related and those that need to know what I did and what happened have already been informed, I am getting the support I need and now I can see that even more clearly than before Wednesday.

Getting blood from someone like me isnt easy, in the end the ED doctor did it and at the same time put a canula in my arm, – anxiety was really high when at the ED, also on the ward in MAU I was extremely anxious and I will outline the issues below, how I found them anyway.

Hospitals are not the nicest of places and with the lack of mental health funding and a very over stretched NHS everyone and not just the patients were anxious and stressed.

In this instance I am speaking about spending two nights at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth but Im sure its like this wherever you are in the UK.

So the things that made my anbxiety worse in the ED was the following.

Noises, beeps, people screaming, old people crying, alarms, people talking – some you can work out what they are saying others not so, a language barrier with some staff as English is not their first language, the noises of curtains moving, lights, sounds of people throwing up, coughing, – you name it, it happened both in the ED and also on the ward.

I cried every morning and night in the hospital, I had to calm myself down, people noticed I was really upset and struggling to keep it together and they just ignored me!.

I pressed the orange button to get help, and even know the nurses were aware and playing on their phones they ignored us who were asking for help.

Whilst I was there I ended up doing a lot of thinking, realising I had really messed up with the possibility of life long medical consequences. (EDIT) I have had the all clear.

Thankfully I am here to write about my current situation in the hope it helps other people.

Mental health really sucks here in the UK, just because you can’t see it don’t mean people are not suffering.

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