Its a strange World

It really is strange living in the World as the way it is right now – in recent news people are digging up old time capsules with nothing inside of them, Russia and Ukraine are at each others backs trying to win this awful war in Europe of all places, thousands are dead thanks to the war, theres a new pandemic or the existing one is now far worse than ever before, thanks to different strains mixing with others, people don’t reply to emails anymore, the healthcare system in the UK is a mess, children and the vulnerable are not getting the care they deserve so end up worse or they die, you can now be classed as a male lesbian, people are sometimes referred to they or them, the UK and its people are struggling mostly thanks to the war in Europe, food prices and fuel are almost double than they were this time last year, People cannot get benefits that they are entitled too and to add to this all, Royal Mail are having extreme issues, today I have been waiting in for seven parcels to be collected, no one came, their official website isnt working, everyone is being affected, how can anyone run a business when the British postal system is as bad as it is right now.

I suppose one good thing out of all of this, the prediction from the 17th century astrologer of a Nuclear War in 2023 has yet to become real. Then again if we were at war, would those with the powers that be aka the Government really tell us just what is going on ?

Goodnight all.

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