Its not me, some people are just weird.

You know for years now, I have always doubted myself, I always felt like I was not like the rest of society, this week my occupational therapist visited and made me think differently which made me feel better too, well until I started feeling low again, – thats the joys with mental health its very up and down.

The aeroplane and the oxygen mask scenario.

My OT made me imagine I was on an aeroplane, and you know before departing the runway the safety person lets you know what to do in an emergency and where the exits are etc well in an event of an emergency the oxygen masks would end up falling from the overhead compartment, but before you can help anyone else, you first have to attach the oxygen mask to yourself first.

First we need to help ourselves

In life we often help others, but how can we help anyone else if we cannot first help ourselves? So as a change of thinking and as she reminded me what’s normal anyway, maybe these feelings I have had for so many years was not because of me being different but instead other people who are just weird.

I thought because I had mental health that I was different.

This past week I thought my in laws hated me, but it wasnt the case, I just assumed, in life sometimes people wont like you, but thats not your problem, its theres. (Btw I have since spoken to them both and things were ok all the time). – My bad!.

One step forward.

Onwards and upwards as they say, im trying to become more positive and keep reminding myself its not me, some people are just weird.

(Btw please be sure to read my other post re mental health and social media).

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