Just a Thought Seeing There’s Never Funding for Mental Health

OK lets just cut to the chase, the mental health budget for the UK has already been sliced in half, so I propose the following changes would help those who need it the most. These are of my own opinion and are not facts, – something needs to change so the UK and its people are supported for their Mental Health and not left in Crisis.

The Prison System

  • Prisoners (Not mental health patients) – If they have done the crime they should pay, not just having a cushy prison cell and earning a few quid for the vending machine, – how about they physically pay to be in prison. One fee for each and every prisoner in the UK.

While we mention prisoners, they should not be allowed to claim benefits and prison should be as basic as it should be. I mean earning money when you’re doing time – what about those loved ones that are left behind, how do they feel ?

The elderly

  • Old aged people – Scrap the free bus pass scheme, by now they have made it to a good age, more than likely have a pension, if they can’t afford £4 for a return ticket to the town and back then there’s something really wrong here.

Free prescriptions

  • Scotland – Stop the free prescriptions once and for all.

False calls and free transport to the ED unless in an emergency ie via 999 / 111 – Ambulance

  • Emergency services – if its not life or death then give those wasting valuable emergency treatment transport / callout a bill, they do this in the USA / Canada even if its an emergency, so if its not an emergency surely they should pay a fine. – When the Lifeboat goes out this costs each station £2,000 (Back in 2010) – Likely it costs more now. To be clear what is classed as a medical emergency or not should be taught in schools and be on the TV, so stuff like slurred speech, mental health, heart, angina, stroke are in the TOP categories – those who have toothache or similar should be told to make their own way to the Hospital.

The NHS currently offers a FREE Taxi instead of an ambulance – Don’t continue to do this! Simples!!, that will save millions of pounds a year on free transport alone. – I’m confident if people know they have to pay for their own transport to the ED they might wait until their local GP Surgery opens in the morning.

I welcome you to comment below or send a message regarding this post, If you agree more needs to be done, please do get in touch I would be more than willing to talk with any of this with you.

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