Kelvedon Hatch Top Secret Nuclear Bunker

Thinking back from visiting this place only once still makes me feel very uneasy, an innocent bungalow in the Essex countryside with a chilling secret inside.

Low ceilings, a generator room, their own special drainage facility that pours into the countryside, BBC radio station, guns, hospital, accomodation for 666 people, enough food and supplies for people to live in for up to two years, sealed off from the world above, – a nuclear fallout zone only a few miles from London.

This is Kelvedon Hatch, former UK Government Top Secret Nucelar Bunker

Upon entering the bunker, yo enter the bungalow where you are met with a short ramp and then a 1/2 mile long tunnel leads you into the basement level within the bunker.

Top Secret Nucelar Bunker
All this and more awaits your visit, for me I never want to ever return there again, I still get nightmares from the place. Thankfully we went there on our way back from the Norfolk Broads back in 2010.

Take a look at their website if you are seriously considering visiting: HERE

There are many bunkers just like Kelvedon Hatch surrounded all around the Country, I hate to think just what is out there hidden in plain sight that is the Governments secret bunker getaway.

Thanks for reading. (Im off to a cold dark room for a few days), above the ground tho. 🙂

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