Mental Health in the workplace meant the loss of two support workers

Two full time support works have had to leave a local establishment that takes care of around eight permanent residents due to the toll on their mental health. Today purely by accident I met with someone who I used to get along with whilst at the local care centre, who told me he also had to leave due to the clickiness of the staff at the care centre here in Plymouth and also because of the responsability that he too would have to deal with if he had carried on working there.

Its a shame when two staff who wanted to do the work for the sake of the client and their well being had no other choice than to leave.

From personal experiences a lot of care home staff are in the job purely for the money side and not for the care that so many people so despiretly need, these people we look after are more than just clients for the care home, for me they were also personal friends, something maybe you cannot be paid off to do, in such a job that requires empathy, mental support and physical support, 13 hour shifts were draining, breaks were 15 minutes if you could take them, im sure we were not the first to experience this nor sadly the last.

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