Cot Valley West Cornwall - DJI Mavic Mini Drone

My DJI Mavic Mini Photos Of Devon and Cornwall

2023 will mark 3 years since buying the original DJI Mavic Mini, a small lightweight <249g drone that as an old school photographer, offers excellent image quality, so what its only 12 mega pixels, when I say I am old school, what I mean is as in our school camera was a 1 mega pixel image sensor and my very first DSLR was a six mega pixel camera, so having 12 mega pixels from up in the sky is pretty good.

After completing my drone course I know I must keep my drone in sight at all times and to neve fly higher than 400ft, The DJI Mavic Mini MK1 is now a legacy drone.

These images are slightly edited using Adobe Lightroom.

Cot Valley near St Just in West Cornwall.
Butlins Minehead Resort, Somerset
Mount Gould Methodist Church, Plymouth
Minehead Beach, Somerset
Mount Gould Hospital - Dronescape
Mount Gould Hospital, Plymouth

The first image has been slightly edited using Adobe Lightroom whilst the other four are straight from the drone to the computer and have not in anyway been edited at all.

I really hope you like what I have achieved with my DJI Mavic Mini Drone? Please leave some comments and love in the comment box below.

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