My Freestyle Libre 2 Keeps Falling Off, heres what you can do to help yourself.

I’d like to think this is an isolated case but I fear its not, sadly not just for me but likely others also the World over.

If you are not aware, the Freestyle Libre system is a blood glucose monitoring system thats designed to work with your smart (cell) phone, the system sits gently under your skin and takes a automatic reading every minute. This can give the wearer a complete record of their blood glucose – a must for a healthy diabetic.

Depending where you live, in Plymouth – UK if you are a type one like me, you might be eligible to have the system given to you via prescription. – Its best to speak with your local diabetes team. Failing that, you can also purchase the system, although its currently over £50 per device, and its designed to last 14 days.

My first couple have been fine, it seems the last couple of months the supplied units to me, just will not stick on and stay in place, I have placed on the flat skin to the back of my arms, and still the surround sticky patch just does not attach for very long, my last sensor failed in less than 12 hours.

To obtain a replacement the advice is to contact Abbot directly: Link

Its a shame, especially as when the sensor is in place it greatly helps with my low self esteem and confidence, and because the errors in my case are often the complete opposite reading via finger pricking as opposed to the Freestyle Libre, I am often feeling poorly physically and more recently mentally too.

Pics to follow.

Abbot insist their devices are supplied with a alcohol patch, i am assuming these are mass produced in China or some such place, I myself and others can assure you, there is nothing else supplied to make their claim work, aka no alcohol wipe.

Photo credit: Link @Stevepb

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