My short-lived time with Diabetes UK, not the nicest people to try and work with

Hey, some of you might well remember me, I was an active member of the Diabetes UK forum for quite some time.

That was until July when my mental health took control, and I was in a bad place mentally, and regardless of me being granted permission to talk about mental health, my account was locked and I was banned. The admin ‘Josh’ told me he didn’t take the decision lightly, but hey ho, thats life. I am here blogging instead being my own boss and telling it how its meant to be told.

Myself and Hannah we did raise over £100 earlier in the year for Diabetes UK which was great fun and we felt we did our bit to help the charity, however looking back on the way they treated me when I was in crisis with my mental health, I wish we never bothered. Since then I did write to them asking if I could return to the forums and my request was ignored, so thats the end of the proverbial that!.

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