On Sunday 3rd September I accidentally knocked my FSL2 (Freestyle Libre 2) against the car door, and it automatically meant the sensor ripped off my arm.

I was absolutely gutted as this is a brand new system to me having the sensor was helping my confidence and whilst I was eating far less, it was making my life and living with this chronic condition more bearable. – I was soon feeling like the old me once again.

On that Sunday I was covering an event in Millbrook, so the next day on the Monday I contacted Abbot who are the makers of The Freestyle Libre System and they informed me a brand new sensor was being dispatched, OK Great, although this did not arrive until the Thursday, anyway fast moving forward to Thursday, the new sensor had arrived in good time, I placed it onto my right arm as per the instructions and within 4 hours it had fallen off, we did try to reinsert it but it kept falling off. I quickly informed Abbot again and they admitted an issue was with the adhesive, they informed me that another replacement was being sent.

Abbot had already admitted a fault with the two sensors and by the time they had arranged for another to be sent down to me – my prescription of two libres had arrived.

(Monday 11th / Tuesday 12th ) My prescription FSL2 was giving alarming low blood glucose readings, the night previous I was at Derriford Hospital having tests as my bloods were so low, whilst there I did a urine test and had a chest X-Ray – I was sent home at 2.30am with anti-biotics, I had another Hypo at 5am, another at 11am, and many more through out the day, I was previously told by the Doctor at the Hospital to contact 999 if I got worse, so at 5pm I called 999 who told me it wasn’t an emergency (Which we all know it is as a very low blood sugar can lead to a diabetic coma or death). I mean I didn’t want Hannah to come back from work unable to wake me up or panic throughout the day regarding my diabetes / blood sugar control and not be able to see if I am OK or not. So Monday evening we installed the app on her phone so she can keep an eye of my diabetes, which seemed a good idea, sadly the alarm kept beeping both my app and hers. By this time I have had two more hypos but I was unable to stay awake and alert, Hannah called 111 again they sent an ambulance and at 12pm the medics were here, a canula was installed and both paramedics did a blood glucose check as did we on the old GlucoRX Meter System (We used this before the Freestyle Libre) and although the FSL2 showed 2.2 all the others were showing 8. Then again by this time I had been given sugary sweets / jam on a spoon and told to eat food. So tomorrow it looks like I will need to contact Abbot again and explain there are even more issues. I just hope I wake up tomorrow and not fall into a coma due to whatever is going on with my Diabetes and the blood monitoring system not being accurate.

How all this affecting my mental health ? Its not great tbh and i’m not surprised what with all this, plus trying to manage my physical health needs too, trying to make my business ideas work well, but its very difficult, especially when for no apparent reason this morning at 9am – an Ambulance turns up because of a missing persons report, informing me the police were trying to track my coordinates due to me being a missing person?, well its the first I knew I was a missing person and the police cant have had the right phone number as the phone was next to my bed charging as I was fast asleep. – There were three of them and they wanted to ensure I was OK, I was, just had been woken up again from having less than 5 hours sleep – since sitting in the back of an ambulance and being discharged.

What joys will Tuesday bring I do wonder.

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