Secret Nuclear Bunker in Essex - the generator room

A road sign near Essex, well whats that all about then ?

OK its obvious there was once a secret nuclear bunker, this was the place the Queen and Government would go to in the event of a Nuclear strike on the United Kingdom.

A bungalow ?

Yes, all innocent looking on the outside, inside there is a ramp that leads down a cold dank tunnel to the base of a six-story nuclear bunker.

Each level had its own use, including a hospital / operating theatre, multiple offices, dorms, prime minister suite, radio station, kitchen etc etc

Its hard to think that beneath the British Countryside there is such a place, the strange thing is as a local photographer I have come across buildings built the same way as the bungalow, mostly in isolated parts of the Countryside. – It certainly made me wonder, – hang on is this another secret bunker.

Unlike Truro County Hall and their bunker, this one at least has real blast doors and not ones made of wood. – in the event of a nuclear strike, this entire bunker could seal themselves off from the outside World (well what would have been left of it anyway).

Five o-clock somewhere – As there are no windows and CCTV cameras etc, you cannot simply go outside to see if its day or night, hence all the clocks showing different times in other cities around the world. – As soon as you went outside you would be exposed to radiation, this stuff goes through you like an x-ray just a lot more dangerous, soon you will die from the inside out due to radiation poisoning.

Have you been here? Do you know of other similar buildings ? Fancy coming with me for a explore? – Please be sure to send me an email message.

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