So We Did A Coffee Morning For Diabetes UK

So We Did A Coffee Morning For Diabetes UK

Last Saturday, myself and my adorable wife, we fundraised for Diabetes UK, with a coffee morning here at The Methodist Church, the turn-out was really good and I was so delighted that so many people attended and helped us raise a wonderful £110 for the cause.

Some of you might know that I have type one diabetes and that thanks to not being diagnosed soon enough I very nearly died back in June 2021.  Thankfully the people at Diabetes UK an internet forum with a support telephone helpline has helped me very much (Personally I have only heard good things about the telephone support, I am talking about the support forum side for the fantastic support I received), sadly its a shame our NHS and local care authority have not done their part. (Enough said).

Btw is you ever find yourself on the Diabetes UK forum, please be sure to look me up, ‘IAMLAWRIE‘ – My alias over there or you could just click here.

On the coffee morning day, we had lots of sugar free cakes, sweeties, tea, coffee and squash, also some sugary snacks for those that were not diabetic, I also had the opportunity to speak to another person who has had Type 2 diabetes since she was 17, and later that turned into a Type 1 diagnosis. – I never knew that was even possible. Still it was a nice chat, I just wish I knew her name.

Special thanks to: Hannah, Bella, June, Emma, Eunice, Me :), Rev Brenton Prigge, – and anyone else I have likely forgotten, thank – you so very much for all your support.

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