So you're a diabetic now ? It might be scary but it gets better

Hey you! Its OK to not be OK, I was just like you when I were first diagnosed, it affected me so greatly that I developed PTSD from nearly dying from becoming type 1 out of the blue, thats because it nearly killed me.

I tell people a lot as more and more people are interested or it happens to come up in conversation, I tell them my story, – How I am on the same road as my previous GP surgery and how and due to national lockdown / the Pandemic I couldnt get an appointment, the Dr just gave me tablets for thrush.

When I ended up in the Emergency department at Exeter Hospital thats when I were told I was lucky to be alive, it took them four days and nights to stabalise me. I think thats what brought me on to develop BPD (Borderline Personality Discorder) more on that another time.

Its really important to give yourself time, time to understand what being diabetic is, a lot of people who dont have it, think its because of a poor diet but its not always the case.

You will need support, hopefully you will be under your local diabetic team and your GP / Dr should be helping you too. It all takes time and eventually you will learn how to control it the condition, and yes there are plenty of horror stories all over the internet mostly about people who don’t look after themselves and sadly loose toes and feet etc, but you have this and you will learn to live with being diabetic / having diabetes.

It will take time, but beleive me you will get there.

Im welcome to any messages if you’d like to send me one, just note I cant always guarantee an immediate reply, I will reply but it may take some time, so it might be easier if you comment at the end of this blog post or if you prefer a more direct approach, please be sure to send me an email.

I was scared, thinking and telling myself I am no longer ever going to be allowed to have sugar etc, but everything has sugar these days or fructose which is the sugars found in fruit, sometimes more often than not there is no getting away from it, milk has tons of sugar inside it, skimmed is worse than semi-skimmed. – Weird right ? Yeah I know.

Now its been nearly three years since diagnosis, I am personally having issues keeping the blood sugars in a safe range, but the difference between being type one and type two is as a type 1 I can easily give myself an adjustment dose of fast acting insulin to make the sugar levels better, also drinking plenty of water helps a great deal too.

As always if I am around I will reply to your emails in due course. You can also add me on Facebook. HERE again no pressure, only if you want to message me. I know how important it is to have someone to talk to when these things happen to us in life unexpected.

I sincerely mean it if you’d like to send me a message, I will do my very best to help you out.

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