Street Photography gallery with the Canon 40D

If you have been following me from my main website: Cornish Connect you will notice I recently purchased a Canon 40D. The Canon 40D is an old DSLR camera now and came out when the Canon 5D MK2 was released back in 2007.

The Canon 40D is made like a tank, entirely from metal and originally it was built for on the – go PRESS work, although as seen in the image above its not exactly the same standards as some of the more modern kit, but still it offers a classic vintage look, if you did not know better you would never guess the photos were taken on a camera that’s close to 20 years old.

Looking up to Plymouth’s Civic Centre – Canon 40D with Canon 75-300mm tele-photo lens.

Plymouth’s Premier Inn at the former Derry’s Department Store building on Royal Parade.

Photos edited using adobe lightroom where needed.

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