The 5 Best Used Premium Digital Cameras Available (2023)

The 5 Best Used Premium Digital Cameras Available (2023)

Having started off with a Canon 60D and then selling my entire kit for a brand new Fujifilm X100 I knew from that day forward, premium compact cameras were only going to get better and like a fine wine, some things or in this case cameras get more sought after than others and are in a league of their own regardless of how old that camera is.

Hello, I am Lawrie Richardson and I am a multi award winning Cornish photographer, over the years I have used and tested many cameras, all by using my own money, no one has yet sponsored me, but if that’s something you’d like to do, please be sure to get in touch.

Lets begin.

Fujifilm X100

Fujifilm X100: The original, although Fujifilm have since made the latest model the cost £399 more than the original I had – The X100, at the end of the day you are still buying a compact fixed lens digital camera with full manual control, if you can find a used original Fujifilm X100 you can expect to pay between £275 and £399 from any reputable dealer.


  • APS-C Sensor
  • Poor battery life

Panasonic Lumix LX100

Panasonic Lumix LX100: Not the mk2, but the original this camera is in a way like the poor man’s Fujifilm X100, but has a M43 (Micro Four Thirds) sensor a 24-70mm 2.8 zoom lens, the camera produces wonderful images and the video is not too bad neither, also its a solid built camera. You can expect to pay between £299 and £399 for a mint condition used LX100.


  • M43 – Micro Four Thirds camera sensor
  • Good-ish battery life, best get an additional battery


SONY RX100: Another premium compact but unlike the previous two cameras this camera has a 1″ sensor thats really good for low light photos, its a fixed LCD screen with no viewfinder but the colours are really good and having that 1″ sensor the camera records a lot of detail. You can pick up this camera for around £149 – £249 depending on the condition.


  • 1″ sensor with really good low light performance
  • Good battery life, although its always advisable to get an additional battery


SONY RX10: This camera is a premium camera although its a bridge camera with an impressive 28-200mm 2.8 lens, the camera records in both JPEG and RAW modes and has handy features like WiFi so you can edit on the go, the image detail is rich and if you shoot RAW images there is a lot of detail that can be extracted in post processing. If you are buying this camera used I would not pay more than £299 – £399. 


  • 1″ sensor
  • Good battery life.

Canon G11

Canon G11: The canon G11 is the first in the Canon G series that offers the user a vari-angle flip out screen, the camera offers like all our other cameras full manual control and also shoots very good video, the Canon G11 is a real work horse and its body is made entirely from metal, there is a viewfinder but is not live view its like using a vintage film camera, the battery life is very good. Id expect to pay around £199 – £249 for this camera.


  • Small camera sensor (If shooting photos at night, please use a tripod)
  • Battery life is very good

(This post is still work in progress, photos and more detailed specs to follow).

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