The Nikon P1000, Real World Photographers Review

The Nikon P1000 is a couple of years old at the time of writing this, and whilst the camera is still available and in production even today the camera does have some copetition, in terms or image quality that is, not so much the zoom aspect that makes this camera what it is.

Other similar cameras include the Sony RX10 lineup and Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 / FZ2000.

A more affordable option would be the Nikon P900, the model that arrived a few years before the P1000.

The pro’s of the Nikon P1000

  • Great optical zoom lens
  • Viewfinder

The con’s of the Nikon P1000

  • Poor battey life
  • Small image sensor
  • No RAW Recording option
  • Low resolution images with lots of noise (digital grain) even in low ISO scenarios
  • Its physically too big
  • The price, even used

Overall the Nikon P1000 and its image quality is terrible, even in daylight and zooming out all the way images are heavily noise polluted and because of the P1000’s small sensor (the same as a mobile smartphone) even at maximum telephoto range the images are unusable.

There are sadly better options available out there to you.

Everything looks great when the subect is at the Nikon P1000’s widest, just like any other camera even a professional system, things start to get worse the more you zoom in, if only this camera shot RAW images and was some what smaller, then it would not be as big and clumsy as it feels and acts.

The Nikon P1000, at its widest.
Here we are zooming in a little bit more.
Here zooming a little bit more, you can see the camera has not focussed at all.
There we are, we have re-focussed a little bit more and have managed to capture the two ladies enjoying a meal.

The size of the Nikon P1000 is not very practical, its heavy and bulky, made entirely of plastic, at last its predecessor the Nikon P900 was a more manageable size, However no camera is going to be perfect for everyone, a bridge camera with such a high price tag (at the time of release) – £999 was a crazy amount to pay, today you can buy the Nikon P1000 used for around £700 – £800.

Lets take another look at the zoom on this camera.

So there we have it, have you had the chance to use the Nikon P1000 or any camera similar? We would love to hear back from you. – Please comment below.

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