The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

After a recent trip to the RD+E Hospital, previously being used to the business and craziness of Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, I felt a need to write about my own personal experiences with the second biggest hospital in Devon.

The Hospital is charming, welcoming and the staff lovely, the corridors are clean, security seem happy and there is always Police in attendance, especially within the A+E areas.

People want to help you, they make the experience of being in a hospital environment as relaxed as possible.

Upon spending a night in the Majors this week and being awake all the night, I was in the observation room on looked by nurses, doctors and all. I was constantly asked if I wanted anything, I had four coffees through out being admitted for the night (Diabetes complications). The Doctor has a great sense of humour. Thankfully I was discharged the following morning at 9am.

After being offered breakfast that was offered to me as toast with jam, marmalade or Marmite and if I wanted brown or white toast, I left the hospital feeling ready for the day ahead. I was discharged properly and everything was explained to me fully.

Unlike my previous dealings with Plymouth’s Trauma Hospital – Derriford, the RD+E in Exeter is on the opposite scale in terms of quality care.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Have a great week.

Lawrie x

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