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The Tiny and Almighty Camera That Should Be Crap
Pentax Q7 with Pentax 02 5 - 15mm lens

The Tiny and Almighty Camera That Should Be Crap

Well maybe a little far fetched calling a camera crap, however the sensor on this camera is so stupidly tiny, in all fairness it should not work at all but it does. I am talking about the Pentax Q series of camera, although in this case the Q7.

Straight from camera, shooting in JPEG mode ensures the colour selection is kept, unlike when shooting in RAW format.

Straight from the camera once again, this is a little park area in Crediton, Devon.

The colours are vibrant, this photo and the ones above it were taken using the 5 - 15mm kit lens, whilst the ones below were taken by an even worse lens, one that is available for less than £25, this is the 05 Toy Lens that is a telephoto, fixed f8 lens.

Hey it should not work, but it does, the only downside with the toy lenses is that they feel like toys and are always 100% manual focus. Still its what it is and makes photography fun. I really enjoyed myself out and about with this very little camera. I just dont think the people of Crediton has ever seen a photographer or a camera before, some of the looks people gave me were just down right rude.

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