Type One Diabetes Wrist Bands

Type One Diabetes Wrist Bands

Are you like me either a type one or two diabetic, do you wish there was something more in a way of a fashionable wrist band that in the event of an emergency so that the general public and emergency services would know you were insulin dependant or in general a diabetic? if so then these might be the answer and best of all there’s a link to my Etsy shop that sells them included, now you could just read to the end of this post, or if you’re in a rush, click here to be directed to where I am selling them online.

These wrist bands are also available in children’s sizes too, I hope to stock more in time but at the moment I’m trying to catch up with all the work I need to do first, please be sure to remind me tho.

I have been wearing the red one for over a year and I shower wearing it, its made from silicone material so is comfortable in all weather conditions and fully waterproof, I am also wearing a green and white one also ever since the one year anniversary of the Keyham shootings here in Plymouth.

So please be sure to share the love of my products and also new Etsy shop.

Thanks y’all.

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