Type One Diabetic - I Cant Make An Appointment to see my GP

Type One Diabetic – I Cant Make An Appointment to see my GP

The night I was diagnosed as a Type One diabetic, our GP called my mum because he wanted reassurance him it wasnt his fault I was in the hospital – him / he, I don’t know who my GP is even now. I was down at our local GP Surgey a couple of months back, where a big obese Dr looked towards me, smerked and walked off. – Was that my GP ? I have no idea.

I was diagnosed back in June 2021 and to this very day I still cannot make an appointment, whilst the UK Diabetic forum has helped me very much, I do feel totally let down and lost within the medical system, and one thing that does not help is I cannot see a GP or even feel reassured within my own GP surgery, I just want to sit down and ask questions, but how can I trust the medical facility if they have left me go for so long. – I can’t.

Everything with my diabetes has so far been guess work, a couple of months a go I ended up in the back of an emergency ambulace, my bloods would not raise, instead thery kept dropping, I panicked and didnt feel well enough to get the bus home, thankfully the ambuance crew checked me over, reassured me my heart is and most importantly was fine all this time, they explained to me about the diabetes and in their opinion my diabetes is out of control and that sadly they see this all the time, not just with diabetes but people who are almost forgotten within the system.

My wife had an operation three weeks back, and whilst I was in the hospital on my own (I had been let down by family members, so was feeling pretty rotten and low regardless) I visited the diabetic centre at Derriford hospital, the receptionist she blanked me, never spoke and was so rude, I felt like an idiot, I went there for help, no one answers the phone lines and I cant make an appointment, she told me to send an email or to make an appointment through outpatients. Honestly this is terrible.. and as I say to people when they ask how I am doing – this is coming from me, someone who’s very good with technology and computers, how do the elderly cope with all the stress and misunderstanding?

Rant over, apparently things are not all that much better going private.

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