Nothing gets under my skin as much as people sticking their noses in, assuming because I work from the comfort of my own home means I don’t do anything, well unlike a lot of people who sit at home with their feet up claiming all they can, I want to work, whilst it would be nice to have some financial assistance from the government its not happening yet that’s for sure, so unlike others who enjoy their 9-5 grind, here’s the stuff I do from my home.

  • The computer guy, I have to ensure the computer, hardware, peripherals, internet etc are all kept in good shape and are ready to work quickly, if not I am the one who’s up all the night repairing them or ordering in the parts for repair.
  • Im also the photographer and editor, just like the computers mentioned above, I also have to ensure all my camera equipment is charged, cleaned and ready for the next time photos are needed.
  • Webmaster, everytime a change is made on one of my many websites I need to manually inform the search engines that changes have been made so the latest content is online ready to be indexed, I also have to pay monthly for my rented web server and annually for all my 21+ domain names.
  • e-commerce manager, I sell on my own websites, also other sites too I need to ensure all the latest orders are packaged and dispatched in the time allocated, also needing to ensure ive enough packaging materials etc in stock. + ordering more stock from my suppliers.
  • The accountant, everytime something is sold, purchased, refunded I have to manually do my accounts and every year submit them to HMRC.
  • If an item needs to be posted or collected I need to be sure I am not planning to be elsewhere so I can be here for when they deliver / collect parcels.
  • Price checking, I have to do this all the time to stay competitive.
  • Answer phone calls, emails and texts.
  • Feed the rabbits, cook my and my partners meals, clean the bog, do some cleaning..

All this and more, paying the bills, paying for rent, seeing family and friends, plus managing my bloods, tesosterone levels and blood glucose, taking meds etc etc

So the next time you assume I don’t have anything to do, remember these words. or perhaps dont assume just ask, I mean do you find me asking what you do all the day ? No, so mind your own damn business.

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